Senger Naturwelt Mobile Sunset Blue


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The birth of a baby is one of the most exciting and beautiful experiences in the life of expectant parents. 

Babies’ vision develops at a rapid rate during the initial four weeks, and this mobile stimulates movement such as stretching and kicking while being kept just out of reach. 

The visual stimulus promotes the urge to more – the child reaches for the moving object it sees and the mobile engages, aiding in physical and intellectual progress. Featuring colorful balls and a little goose, it promotes visual tracking and the notion of color and form – fascination knows no bounds. 

Made in: Germany
Organic Plush Cotton, free from pollutants and meeting strict quality and safety controls.
Pure Sheep’s Wool
 L 18.5cm W 4.5cm H 29.5cm
Weight: 60g

Handmade and beautiful, soft toys made from the finest of natural materials including pure sheep’s wool and organic cotton. SENGER toys are made to last a lifetime, by a company committed to high levels of workmanship, sustainability and supporting local suppliers wherever possible.


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