Senger Naturwelt Cuddly Goose Sml (white)


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The SENGER Cuddly Small Goose is a soft and cuddly toy that doubles as a weighted toy and a gentle heat bag for children. 

The SENGER Small Goose has a removable pillow, filled with grape seeds that can be placed in the oven or microwave to heat, or in the fridge to cool. Once it has reached the desired temperature, simply place back inside the zippered pouch. Perfect for those cold nights in winter or when someone is sick with a belly ache.

The weight of the Grape Seeds filling acts to provide a calming effect and give your little one sensory feedback.  Warmth and weight, the perfect combo.

The SENGER Cuddly Small Goose features an organic cotton outer layer, pure lambswool filling, 2 sewn on eyes and a nose and designed especially for little hands to grasp. A beautiful addition to any collection.


Senger Naturwelt makes timeless cuddly soft toys that are handcrafted in Germany with the utmost sensitivity to quality of workmanship. Senger only use sustainably sourced natural materials of the highest standard. They believe that the first toy in your life is special and is not replaceable – these are toys that are meant to last for a lifetime and are sure to become a treasured family keepsake.

 The Senger cuddly animal series are the perfect soft toys for all children.

Comprising of an organic cotton outer and pure lambs-wool filling for the legs and head, with a zippered back & removable spelt chaff pillow as the filling. The pillow in the large sized goose could easily be removed to store pyjamas or other treasures. Please note the large size goose in quite large at 80cm long! 



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