Unclebearskin Productions Sippy and Sunny (Dragon Size Surprise)


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Sippy & Sunny  { a dragon size surprise }

Illustrations by Brigitte May

Sunny’s world has been turned upside down as she discovers Sippy’s secret…

“Hello Goldie,” said Sunny, completely unsure of how she felt about having to share her dragon.
After all, he had always been there just for her, he was her secret friend. Now she had to share him.

If Sippy knew Sunny was a little upset, he certainly didn’t show it.
Actually, Sunny had never seen him happier, which she knew should have made her happy, but for some reason it didn’t.
Sunny had been so busy feeling sorry for herself that she nearly missed what was right in front of her.
That was until she heard an unexpected little tap tap tap… 

Bilingual. French / English



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