Milk and Cookies By Jewels Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix


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 The perfect brownie is slightly crisp on the outside, oh so fudgy in the centre.

The perfect brownie for a breastfeeding Mama tastes amazing & helps support her milk supply.

The perfect brownie for a Mama with dietary considerations is one that is gluten free & dairy free.

Welcome to the milk & cookies by Jewels MAMA’S LUXE BROWNIES…. a chocolate chunk brownie mix that is GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE + SOY FREE!!!!!! The best bit-  these brownies taste incredible girlfriend

It contains the exact secret ingredient (deactivated yeast) we use in our cookies because it is gluten & dairy free. (insert happy dance) So yes it’s a delicious #BOOSTYOURMILKSUPPLYBROWNIE

No compromising on taste or effectiveness here

Simply mix your brownie mix with coconut oil, eggs & vanilla extract and you’re on your way to the best smelling house on the street. (note: you can easily substitute your egg in here with a substitute)

Makes 12 serves


May be present: peanuts & tree nuts

May contain traces of soy due to soy products being used in the same facility



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