Charlie Crane Fur Milk Cushion for Levo Rocker


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 Fur Cushion Specifications


  • This is the Fur cushion only, levo rockers sold separately 
  • A cosy base for your newborn to relax in while the clean lines of the Levo Rocker 
  • Removable harness as the child grows
  • Can be used for up to 7 months with the harness and up to 5 years without the harness
  • Easy to take off and machine wash the fabric (40°C) / Spin max. 400 rpm / Flat-dry on a flat surface

    New style Levo cushions have a removable harness which means the rocker can be turned into a rocking chair as your baby grows up. We love that the rocker can continue to be enjoyed by a child (up to 5 years) as a comfortable place to relax.

    The machine-washable cushion is easy to remove and you can buy a spare so you have one on hand at all times – this is also handy when you can’t decide which fabric option to go for, or you want seasonal options.

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